A New Beginning – The Full, Troublesome Journey…

I know.

I’m that absolute cliché of a traveller.

I started travelling, started a blog, posted a couple of things with no real direction, came home and now I post daily pictures of the life I once had on my Instagram account.  Yuk, right?

Well, maybe.  But I’m ready to change my ways, I promise!

When I started this blog I had no real purpose for it, just a couple of ideas for some entertaining, anecdotal posts and I wanted to see how they’d go.  A LOT has changed in the two years since this literary journey began and since returning home it has occurred to me that the most interesting stories I have to tell are not minor anecdotes or sarcastic life advice.  So many people have asked me about the REAL things I experienced while I was gone.

It’s about time I relived that journey here, and I want to bring you with me this time.

As of now, I will be posting a series of short chapters about what really happened to me out there in the big wide world.  This is not a promise that all future content will be clean and sarcasm free, but I will try to refrain from the more ‘random’ content I’ve been exploring throughout the life of the blog so far.

I’ll also take this opportunity to confirm, that just because I am writing memoirs (almost impossible to use that word without sounding like a pretentious dick, sorry) does not mean that my travels are over.  I am using my quiet time, back at home with my family, to have a little catch up on the story so far. It is certainly not over.

So if you are, indeed, sitting comfortably, I guess I’ll begin at the beginning.  Or maybe, just a little Beforehand


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