BORED TRAVELLER – Top 10 Things to Do With A Rainy Day

As an adventure addict, a rainy day can really put a dampener on your days off.  If you’re travel obsessed, but the weather is proving to be a soggy obstacle, here are a few suggestions for activities to see you through a dreary day while waiting for the world to turn a little bit further.

  1. Watch a Film

If you’re holed up for the day in a shared living space, there might be a few other people around in the same situation, just looking for a way to pass the time.  If you’re in a hostel they will probably be able to offer you a comfy area with a range of films to choose from.  If you’re in slightly more permanent accommodation then you may be lucky enough to have a Netflix account (or have acquired the password to a friend’s account).  If a film is an option for a rainy day, curl up in a blanket and enjoy the downtime from your busy lifestyle.

  1. Read a Book

Most travellers will have a book on hand to read, most of the time. A rainy day is a good excuse to get through a couple of chapters.  And when you finish your book, make sure you take it to a book swap or leave it in a public place for somebody else to enjoy after you.  If you’re more of the electronic or audio book type, write a review or recommendation on a social network so somebody else can enjoy it too.

If you haven’t had a new book in a while, and you’re looking for your next escape from life experience, take a look at John Scalzi’s blog, Whatever, always a few interesting reviews there to inspire your literary mind.  Personally I’ve just finished The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Consider it recommended! (I’ll be leaving it on my train seat in the morning, if there’s anybody in Auckland looking for a slightly worn copy)

  1. Dance

Everybody should dance. Every single day. Just like Ellen DeGeneres says.  Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, find an excuse to shake your booty today. Even if it’s just in your own bedroom mirror.

  1. Eat Chocolate

It’s raining. You should eat some chocolate. You’re welcome.

  1. Make a Pie

Who doesn’t love pie?! If not pie then baking of any variety, if you’re not a good cook then that’s even more fun, make a mess and then eat it or share it.  Why not? There’s not much else to do today, and a traveller gotta eat!

  1. Write a Blog

If you’re a little creative then maybe you’ve been waiting for a rainy day, to give yourself an excuse to sit down and exert your imagination.  Think of something that inspires you, anything you feel you can talk about for hours, and just start writing.  Make it fact, make it fiction, talk to an audience or just write to your future self.  It doesn’t matter what the purpose is, if you find a subject that you feel truly passionate about you will enjoy putting your thoughts into writing.  If you’re more visual, start drawing or colouring.  Just do something creative to keep your mind focussed and make the day a positive one.

  1. Go Outside Anyway

What’s a little bit of rain? Are you made of sugar?! Get your arse outside and get wet.  Hike to a waterfall, go for a run on the beach, or just get out there and dance in your garden in the rain.  Who cares? Have you never been wet before?

Go somewhere you’ve only ever seen in the sun and see what it looks like on a stormy day, you might be surprised at how beautiful things can still be when you change the lighting.

  1. Clean Everything

Cleaning can be surprisingly therapeutic.  Maybe you can reorganise the fridge and get rid of all the old fruit and veg growing fur in the bottom drawer? Or clear out your ‘random stuff’ drawer (don’t lie, everyone who lives in a house has a ‘stuff’ drawer).  If you’re in a smaller living space, reorganise your bag/case and re-evaluate what you do and don’t need to carry with you anymore… Are you really going to find a reason to wear those novelty bunny ears again? Do you honestly need to keep carrying those out of date anti-inflammatories just in case anymore? Throw things away, it’s quite liberating!

  1. Exercise / Meditate / Stretch

Get fit.  Whether it be physically or mentally, you’ve got a whole day to kill, you might as well get your mind and body pumping. Even if it’s just a couple of sit-ups, or 15 minutes of silence concentrating on your own breathing.  Once you’ve started, if it feels good, you never know, it might encourage a few good habits to continue with!

  1. Plan a New Adventure

Last, but by no means least, I can’t overlook the most obvious pastime of them all for a travel addict… Planning the next big adventure.  If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or you’re ready to do something huge, but the weather isn’t quite allowing you to get your adventure on, get your WiFi plugged in, your travel mags out, and start planning.  Start drawing maps, pricing flights, sussing out your finances.  Whatever your process is for planning a big trip, make a start on it right now, while there’s nothing else to distract yourself with.  There’s no time like the present and it’s guaranteed to make your rainy day that little bit brighter.


I could go on with this list for days, there are a million ways to spend a damp day, indoors or outdoors, but I said just 10, so here are just 10.

Any other suggestions, I would love to hear them, I have a long winter ahead of me!

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