30 Before 30 – July Update

Well that month went quickly.  A little too quickly.  I’ve hardly covered anything since the June update.

I could make all of the excuses, but the biggest excuse is I finally have a job again, which has slowed down progress on my personal goals slightly – but still, yay.

But not to dwell on the bittersweet realities of life, I have at least managed to focus on quality over quantity in my progress this month, so here are my updates since 8th June towards the most important list in my day to day life at present.

Item 7 – Watch 30 Classic Films

Not too many to add to the list this month, but I stand by my comment about the quality:

  • Shindlers List
  • Neverending Story
  • Clash of the Titans

Item 19 – World Famous Bands

I had THE best time in Dublin at Aerosmith’s farewell tour and I am REALLY looking forward to Coldplay in Cardiff later this week.

Item 26 – Take part in a Colour Run

Completed TODAY! My gorgeous sister and I spent our day being pelted with paint while running 5k in the sunshine, in support of Ty Hafan – a local children’s hospice.

Item 29 – Attend Stonehenge Summer Solstice

This was absolutely the best reason I’ve ever stayed up until sunrise.  The atmosphere at the stone circle was the most beautiful and incredible vibe, led by the gorgeous voice and rhythmical talents of the Red Henge Band.  The evening started with an enormous group meditation inside the stones and continued on through the night with constant low beat of the drum circle, ramping up in energy as sunrise came around.  Highly recommended.  If I stick around for long enough I might have to make that an annual visit.


If you’d like to take a look at the original list you can find that here

If you’re interested in last months progress, that’s here

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on in August, when I’m down to my final month in my 20s!


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