30 Before 30 – August Update

It’s almost here!

One month, 31 days. 

So far progress to the list has been hindered by zero cash despite plenty of time, and now we’re into zero time despite the presence of some cash.

Here’s a little roundup of progress for this month… It looks bleak to be quite honest.

Item 8 – Learn to put on make-up

I didn’t really think this through so I don’t have any valuable success criteria.  Which I guess means I am my own judge (the harshest kind).  So I can’t claim to be a pro in the make-up department but things are improving… I’ll keep working on it, I’m not sure how to prove this one!

Item 12 – Decide on my favourite alcoholic drink

As with item 8, above, I am the only person who can really judge when this one’s done, there’s no real physical activity I can associate as proof of completion.  So, decision made – and I have to say, I’ve surprised myself… It’s rum.

I assumed Jack Daniels or maybe even some variation of Gin would take top spot, but I can’t deny myself a good spiced rum in any bar, namely Kraken, Karen and coke. With a lime.  There. Done.

Item 25 – Volunteer in my local area

Okay, so I didn’t exactly volunteer IN my local area, but I did volunteer FOR my local area.

This month I volunteered behind the bar at Latitude festival near Suffolk, which raised money for the Torfaen Young People’s Forum, a charity in my local area who are committed to raising awareness among young people in the community of their rights according to the UNCRC, specifically Article 12, which is the child’s right to have a say in decisions that affect their lives.

The youth forum do some incredible work in getting young people from all backgrounds in the local community involved in government decisions, giving them a chance to influence how the council choose to spend their funding.  It also gives the young people involved some great opportunities to add valuable lines to their CV.

Item 30 – Teach BOTH of my nephews to clearly say my name

50% achieved! The 2 year old has now put the T in Katy and the 1 year old… well he smiles and makes a recognisable noise when I look at him… We’re getting close!

SO!  Not that much progress in the grand scheme of things.

I have soooo much more to do in the next month.  I’m sure you haven’t been keeping track, so I’ll give you the remaining items on the list so you can see how busy I’m about to get…


Item 3 – Hold a controlled handstand, to the same standard as I can hold a headstand

Item 5 – Host a dinner party

Item 6 – Attend a fashion show

Item 7 – Watch 30 classic films (Only 13 to go…)

Item 9 – Take a UK road trip (maybe Scotland? Who’s with me??)

Item 10 – Hit 1000 followers on my blog

Item 11 – Get another tattoo

Item 13 – Learn to ride a motorbike

Item 14 – Master the ‘Iron-X’ move when pole dancing

Item 15 – Spend a day at a shooting range

Item 16 – Wear a morph suit in public

Item 17 – Test drive a sports car

Item 18 – Have a brief conversation in French

Item 22 – Sew some clothes out of all of the material I’ve bought travelling

Item 23 – Have my teeth professionally whitened

Item 24 – Go to a gin tasting (this could easily be incorporated into number 9 and may help me to achieve number 12)

Item 27 – Donate blood (if I’m allowed)

Item 30 – Teach both of my nephews to clearly say my name


If you’d like to take a look at the original list you can find that here

If you’re interested in last months progress, that’s here

The next time you hear from me I’ll be officially… IN MY THIRTIES!

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