Part 1 – Beforehand

On August 7th 2013, at approximately 4.30am local time, a raging fire broke out inside the main terminal building at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi.  The fire destroyed two of the three units within the building and incoming flights were diverted to alternative airports in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.  Thankfully, there were no fatalities as a result of the blaze.

15 hours later and 900km south, two young, British females, volunteering as teachers at a Zanzibar school, were travelling along a street outside of Stone Town on their way to dinner.  They were assaulted at the road side with sulphuric acid.  Both women suffered burns to their face, hands and chest.  One woman lost an ear as a result of this attack.

Approximately 6000km away, at a desk in a South Wales office, a project administrator was spending her Wednesday, headphones in, frantically typing, trying to achieve deadlines for essential paperwork for her Software project.  She spent her lunch break at her desk, surfing the internet for pictures of African wildlife, excited about the journey ahead of her.  She chatted excitedly to colleagues about her travel plans and admitted to them that she probably wouldn’t miss them, or the office at all.

Looking for Part 2?  Read On!

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