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Under the Kitchen Counter

BAM! Another crack to the side of my face and I feel my entire body slide like a rag-doll across the kitchen floor, effortlessly, out of my control.

Every hair stands on end as he bounds towards me for another lashing, as though I fought back in some way and needed to be punished further.  I can see the excitement in his eyes as he towers over me, his arm raised behind his head, ready to strike another blow.  This one knocks me almost out of his reach. Continue reading Under the Kitchen Counter

Dust in the Light

It was exactly like the nightmare.  That one where your mouth is wide open and you’re emptying your lungs, giving it everything you’ve got, but nothing comes out, no sound, not a peep.  It feels like there’s no air inside of you and however much noise you think is about to come out, there’s just… silence.

You see these stories all the time, it’s almost common for this to happen to somebody else, but not to you.  You just read about them, you’ll never be the subject of the drama, the main character. Continue reading Dust in the Light

Observing The Girl

He stirred and watched as she straightened her arms to push up her body.  After a quick “Upward Dog” to stretch her back (a phrase he’d learned from the occasional yoga class she invited him along to), she pushed herself up onto her knees, hovering provocatively over him on all fours for a brief moment and, with a swift and smooth motion of her left arm, swept up her sunglasses on her way to her feet.  Continue reading Observing The Girl