Irresistible Me…

She’s not even subtle about it.  I can’t really tell if she’s trying to be subtle, but if she is, she’s failing.

She shoots me another glance, through her eyelashes.  There’s a glint in her eyes – they’re a deep, dark brown in colour, but they’re somehow bright when she looks my way – and then she lowers them again, continuing politely on with her conversation, back to her wine. I can see she’s not satisfied.

She knows I’m watching her now, each time she looks up at me I can see the corner of her mouth flicker into an almost smile, but she’s hiding it well from her present company.  I know what she’s thinking. I’ve seen the same look before.  She’s imagining the taste of me on her lips. She’s not my first, but there’s nothing to say she won’t be my last.

I’m patient. There’s really no rush, I can handle the suspense, I enjoy it in fact – so I’ll wait right here for her to come to me when she can’t wait any longer.  When she can’t keep up the pretense.  I don’t need to beg for her attention, I don’t need to try too hard to elicit a response, I have been doing this for long enough now I know my allure. If not her, another will beat her to it, and she and I both know that would be her loss, it makes no difference to me. If I sound a little sure of myself, I should apologise, but there is no denying it, I know how women feel about me.  I’ve seen them fall at my feet plenty of times before. I can’t lie, it usually ends in tears, but that first time never disappoints, those first few moments.  It usually tends to be that old friend of hers, “feelings” that creeps in and ruins all the fun.

I know my time is short, so I’m making the most of what I have left, if that makes me a name for myself, then so be it.  Of course there is a chance that this could be the one to finish me off for good, but I’m willing to take that risk.  In the end, I will be every bit as good as I was at the start.

There are limes in the fridge and ice in the freezer. All she needs is tonic. Come to me, my pretty…



The Gin in the Cupboard (What’s left of it)

A contribution to the series “Observations of an Inanimate Object

4 thoughts on “Irresistible Me…”

  1. Hey, I found your little space in the community pool, so glad I did!! amazing write up!!!keep writing and inspire us….
    Please do visit my blog when time permits, thanks in advance and see you there!


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