What is Travel?

I could spend a few hours training these words into some beautiful, endless, Shakespearean passage that will make your tummy fizz, your feet itch and your eyes water.  But I’m not that poetic and I love lists. So here’s what I think, in list form.

Travel is…

An escape

A journey

A destination

A means to an end

An adventure

A feeling

A way of life

An addiction

Part of the bigger picture

The best way forward

The only way out

A necessity

A waste of time

A mission

Hard work

A natural path

A way to meet people

A way to get away from people

A distraction

A future dream

A distant memory

An excuse to make plans

A reason to work harder

A beautiful view

A difficult realisation

A culture shock

An aeroplane ride

A car journey

A bus ride

A train

A tram

A boat

A long walk





A way to make money

A way to spend money

The best thing I’ve ever done

The hardest thing I’ve ever done

The bravest thing I’ve ever done

The biggest thing I’ve ever done

The stupidest thing I’ve ever done

A way to find myself

A way to lose myself

An eye opener

A path to learn new skills

A new way of thinking

A chance to share moments

A new beginning

What does travel mean to you?

Comments encouraged…


4 thoughts on “What is Travel?”

  1. I love lists too and this is a really simple, fun and true one! Although I agree with pretty much all of them the one that struck me most was: an excuse to make plans. Because it’s so true that sometimes we really just want something to look forward too! Nice post!


      1. I also liked “to meet people” followed by “to avoid people”. You might want to meet new people and run away from people you know back home, or maybe you want to avoid all the human race!

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