Confessions of a Lazy Girl

I regularly receive messages from friends and acquaintances who I’ve met along my way, who seem to think that I permanently live the life they see on social media.  I won’t lie, I love that life, it looks like heaps of fun.  But mostly I’m spending the days in between those posts, just sitting, waiting for another cool thing to happen.

So here are a few confessions to remind people that I am just a human who travels, and frankly, I’m not really all that good at humaning.

I am ridiculously lazy.  I’m actually not even sure how I hold down a job…

If I can hear rain from my bed on the weekend I sleep through to Monday

I sticky taped the sole of my shoe back on to save walking somewhere to buy shoe glue

I haven’t brushed my hair since 2011

I use salt spray on my hair so that the mess looks intentional

On average I hit my snooze alarm button 11 times each morning and waste 1hr 40mins a day on this

I’ve been sharing a bed with my clean washing for 5 days

Sometimes I hold in pee for hours on end so I don’t have to socialise on my way to the bathroom

I only shave my legs if I can visibly see leg hair from a standing position

Sometimes I take my dirty dishes to bed with me so I don’t have to do my washing up until the next day

I have one bloodshot eye because I got eyelash extensions and I couldn’t be bothered to tell the lady that the glue was running into my eye


Here’s a picture of a cute Sloth to inspire your laziness

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Lazy Girl”

  1. Hahaha I also hold my pee for hours but not because of the socialising thing, just because I hate getting up and going to the bathroom! So lazy! Then what happens is I’m at absolute bursting point and go to use the bathroom and there are none free (in the hostel or wherever) and it’s all my fault 😂


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