A Travel Tally

I’m repacking my bag, ready for the next adventure.

It turns out there are only about 3 items I still carry with me which are originals from the first bag I packed.

Time for a tally!

Days away from home: 916

Amount of times I have had to replace/re-purchase the following items:

Bank cards x4;

Cameras x3;

Earphones x3;

Thongs/Flip flops/Jandals x4 (It should be noted, that the first pair had lasted me 7 years prior to this trip);

Phones x3;

Sunnies x8;

Bags x4;

Suitcases x1;

Beds x3;

Dance poles x2;

Water bottles x4;

Hiking boots x3;

Underwear, Countless – Who steals knickers from the line??!;

Purses x2;

Phone chargers x3;

Plug adapters x2;


Original one still intact… Just.

Onwards! To new troublesome travels…



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