Act Positively, Plan Negatively, And Expect Nothing

Everybody has one.

It probably grows unexpectedly every time you go somewhere new and exciting.

It might only be a short one, but it still counts.

You may not have given it a name, still counts.

It might not have been formally documented in a Microsoft Project plan, with timescales and budget afforded to it, but it definitely counts.

It may not even be all that realistic, but you still might try, yup, counts.

I want to take a minute to share, with anybody who’ll read it, MY BUCKET LIST!

I left home 2 years ago (at the time of writing the original post), thinking I was ticking one item off a list of about 4 goals in life.  I have done so many things I never expected to have the courage to do and I’m proud of myself for taking this leap into the unknown and surviving for so long.  My 4 item list has inevitably expanded into this monster. The coolest and most intriguing monster I could have ever imagined!

I intend to at least attempt every single item on this list. Progress is slow, but it’s underway.  If it’s red I’ve made a start or I’ve taken steps to work towards it, if it’s green then it’s done!

  1. Spend a couple of months in Africa and volunteer –  √  20/09/2013-27/11/2013
  2. Volunteer with Orangutans in Borneo –   √  05/03/2017-17/03/2017
  3. Swim in a waterfall in Costa Rica
  4. Buy a house in France
  5. Learn to speak French
  6. Ski in Austria
  7. Snowboard a little
  8. Skydive – March 2010 (Wales)
  9. Bungee jump April 2016 (New Zealand)
  10. Get a motorbike license – September 2017 (Wales)
  11. Ride a motorbike in Isle of Mann
  12. Go to a jazz bar in New Orleans
  13. Dance through the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan
  14. Breed a Poison Arrow Frog
  15. Meet a Slow Loris
  16. Get a tattoo (Just ONE) – April 2016 (New Zealand)
  17. Learn to surf – Learn again and stick at it!
  18. Do the splits
  19. Choreograph my own pole dance routine
  20. Hold a perfectly controlled handstand
  21. Learn to play guitar – September 2017 (Wales)
  22. Successfully cook a Christmas dinner for friends / family
  23. Build my own home
  24. Create a conservatory with a butterfly and dragonfly enclosure and an aviary
  25. Meet Joanna Lumley, Stephen Fry and Will Smith

Writing things down helps me to keep track, this seems like a good place to store my list.

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great” – Les Brown

Wish me luck!

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